ARNES ftp archive guide

Welcome to ARNES ftp archive! Below you will find a list of software, FAQs, papers and other material stored on (entries marked with (M) are mirrored). If you already know what you are looking for, you can search the archive.

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FAQ, Standards, Reading Material

* Usenet news.answers & comp.* FAQs (M)
* RFC material (M)
* "A Survey of Public Domain/Freeware/Shareware Software for MS Windows Network Applications"
* "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Internet" by Ed Krol
* Examples from Tony Hansen's "The C++ Answer Book" (M)
* Security-related Papers
* Tools on Cryptography
* Papers on Cryptography


* SimTel archive (M)
* GNU Software (M)
* Linux Slackware(M)
* Linux Debian (M)
* X Window System (M)
* Release 6
* Release 5
* Contributed Software
* Perl (M) (version 4.016 available also for OpenVMS and MS DOS)
* Perl CPAN Archive (Information about CPAN is here.) (M)
* Audio Tools (M)
* UU, BinHex, Base64 encoding/decoding

Network Applications

* WWW Browsers, Tools and Servers (M)
* Gopher (M)
* Archie (M)
* Wais (M)
* OpenVMS Lynx (M)

Computer & Network Security

* CERT Advisories, Bulletins, FAQ and Tools (M)
* Cryptography Tools & Papers (M)
* FIRST CD-ROM, "FIRST Selected Proceedings from 1989 to 1995 and a collection of security archives from the Internet"

Software for Various Platforms

* OpenVMS
* IBM PC (DOS & Windows) - check also mirrored SimTel Archive (M)
* Mac (very small)

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