* See the list of information sources in (or about) Slovenia.

Internet starting points


Why is everything so slow??

Try using european mirror of your favourite web site! See the list at http://arnes.muzej.si/euromirror.html

How can I find anything in WorldWideWeb?

John December's Internet Web Text offers an introduction to the Internet and summarizes some of its aspects and usage. This document also provides many useful starting points for Internet exploration, including lists maintaned by the same author.

Some other useful pages to begin your exploration with are:

Other hierarchical resource lists, classified by:

A slightly different list is Internet Tools Summary. The purpose of this document is to list tools available on the Internet that are used for network information retrieval (NIR) and Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC).

Search the Web by keywords

It is also possible to search for information in WWW using keywords. Many different searching tools are collected in comprehensive lists like W3 search engines list and NEXOR's CUSI list. Some more popular searchers included in these lists are

On the net you can also find many electronic books, magazines and on-line documentation (separate document)

Gopher information servers

WAIS (Wide-Area Information Servers)


Search the Usenet with DejaNews


finding a ftp site with your favourite software:

Anonymous ftp

For access from Slovenia please try first the local ftp servers (separate document). Here are some popular sites (in order of preference for access from Slovenia):
prep.ai.mit.edu mirrors: arnes.si, ftp.funet.fi, nic.switch.ch
mirrors of sunsite.unc.edu: arnes.si, nic.switch.ch; ftp.funet.fi
Mosaic & WWW:
mirrors of ftp.ncsa.uiuc.edu: arnes.si, nic.switch.ch;
mirror of ftp.w3.org at arnes.si, nic.switch.ch


finding information about people around the world via
WHOIS gateway at ARNES

Some other points of interest:


ARNES Contact Information, August 96